Baby Quilts from our Signature Squares

Posted in Our Signature Squares at 2:18 pm by Cookie Martyn


Choose pink or blue Minkee Dots and make this quick and easy baby quilt.  Babies love Minkee!  Our die cut squares in the Hoffman colorway pastel go together in a snap.   We package them in a collection of 110.  The quilt requires only 100.  Detailed instructions and Minkee backing in pink or blue are included.  Here is a close up of the quilting by Jackie Russell.  She quilts all our Signature Square quilts. 


Why 6 1/2 inches?

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We think 4 or 5 inches is just too small after the 1/2 inch for seams is subtracted.  The Hoffman Bali batiks are too beautiful to use in small pieces.   This simple design really showcases the fabrics.   Here is a picture of one of our favorites.  The collection is semi random.  With Minkee backing, it’s a favorite of everyone.