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September 2014 New Hoffman Bali Batiks!

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New McKenna Ryan Batiks from Hoffman!

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New Hoffman Bali’s L2600-2617 January 2014

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New ‘Fringe’ Batiks and Screenprints from Hoffman

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Introducing Hoffman Bali batiks and screened prints designed by Fringe Studio known for their decorative accessories.  The collection features 40 fabrics.  Twenty are screened prints and 20 are Bali batiks – some of the best ever.   Hoffman is producing a Bali Pop (2 1/2 inch strips)and a Snap (5 inch squares)called “Blossom” which have 2 each of 10 prints and 10 batiks.   Visit hoffmanfabrics.com for free patterns.


New Hoffman “seasonal” Bali batiks

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We are excited to once again offer the complete line of seasonal Hoffman Bali batiks.  There are 125 new fabrics.  840 Mottles offer a completely new look.  Judy Niemeyer has used several of them in her new designs and McKenna Ryan loves them.  841 Mottles are similar with a hint of what I can only describe as a “glow”.   You will also find fall themed fabrics like pumpkins, cornucopias and jack-0-lanterns.   The holiday themes include doves and pine cones.   Add new sunflowers, mosaics and wonderful graphic designs and you will agree that the talented Hoffman designers have done it again.  Please enjoy this easy way to browse the fabrics.  I am pleased that you like it and really appreciate your loyalty.  Cookie Martyn


110 New Hoffman Bali Batiks

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Here are 110 new fabrics to drool over and order online.  Introducing the new 840 mottle series – 18 beauties.  I have for many years been a fan of the 839 mottles.  In fact the Hoffman staff dubbed me the “839 Lady” 8 years ago because I am obsessed with keeping them in stock.  We do the same with the 885 dots and of course, 360 1895 Bali handpaints.  These 4 lines are the foundation of all Hoffman Bali batik projects.   There is no a swatch card for 839 or 840 because there would not be a representation of the colors in a two by two inch piece of fabric.  Instead we are offering a fat quarter collection of all 18 840’s.  Here are the headers as the talented Hoffman designers present them.  As always I’ve labeled them for you so you can find them easily online.  They can also be found easily by clicking the link to “New Hoffman Fabric” in our left hand navigation pane.  Enjoy!  Cookie




300 New Hoffman Bali Batiks in stock now!

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I know I’ve said this before.  This is the most exciting group of new Bali’s ever.  The Hoffman designers put them together in groups called “headers”.  Thanks to my new scanner (QVC Pandigital Handwand) a job that used to take me days took only a few hours.  So here are all 3oo!  We have them in stock but they are going quickly (some into my personal stash ;-))  I have to confess that I have been playing with the new Snaps, Crackers and Pops and will soon be sharing photos of all the quilts that I’m making.  My personal favorites are K2444, K2439, and K2453.


Hoffman Seasonal Bali’s are here!

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Please enjoy a tour of all the new Hoffman Seasonal Bali batiks fabrics for 2012.  Many are the inspiration for McKenna Ryan’s exciting new “Heaven and Nature Sing” which will debut in August.  The fabrics are available online now.


195 New Hoffman Bali’s for Spring 2012

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New Spring Hoffman Bali’s have arrived.  There are 195 new “chops” (fabrics with designs).  We have added a category for “New Hoffman Fabrics” to our left hand navigation pane.  We know that over 4000 fabrics may take a long time to load.  Remember that you can search by the series number to see every colorway in that design or search by a colorway to see every series in that color. 

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