Glacier Lights by McKenna Ryan are here

Posted in New fabrics at 12:39 pm by Cookie Martyn


Forty Four gorgeous screened prints designed by McKenna Ryan are in stock and online.  We love them!  McKenna seemed to be bubbling over with designs using them when they were shown at Quilt Market in Houston.  I’m told that patterns will be coming as soon as February.

My staff and I couldn’t wait to use them.  Here is a scarf that we made in just a few quiet hours.  Tear a length of the fabric.  This one was 80 inches (two of our 40 inch “yards.”)  Tear off the selvage. Tear three strips about 13 inches each the length of your piece.  Just fringe the edges.  You will have three beautiful gifts!  The only difficult part will be deciding which fabrics to use.

Click this link to see them all